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Sunday, February 11, 2018

WH: Dem Memo Will Not Be Released Unless Certain Changes Are Made

President Donald Trump listens as Don Bouvet speaks in the Oval Office of the White House, Friday, Feb. 9, 2018, in Washington. Trump gifted $10,000 to Bouvet’s son Shane, a campaign volunteer, and that money was used to pay for Don Bouvet’s cancer treatment. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)
The White House announces it will not move forward with releasing the Democrat memo, unless certain changes are made.
In a tweet Saturday the President said the Democrats purposely sent a long memo with sources and methods which would have to be heavily redacted, knowing they could accuse the White House of a ‘lack of transparency.’
The Democrats sent a very political and long response memo which they knew, because of sources and methods (and more), would have to be heavily redacted, whereupon they would blame the White House for lack of transparency. Told them to re-do and send back in proper form!
The President has said he would release the memo but chose not to after White House Lawyer Don Mcgahn said it contains ‘numerous classified and sensitive passages.’
Mcgahn sent a letter to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and FBI Director Christopher Wray highlighting the information they believe is problematic.
The memo now goes back to the House Intel Committee, where it will be decided whether those redactions will be made, or ask the full house for a vote to release it without redactions.
Meanwhile, the GOP chairman behind the FISA abuse memo, said he’s not surprised the Justice Department and FBI advised against releasing the Democratic memo.
House Intelligence Committee Chief Devin Nunes urged Democrats on Friday, to make the appropriate technical changes and redactions to the classified document.
File-This Oct. 24, 2017, file photo shows House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., speaking on Capitol Hill in Washington. Twitter accounts linked to Russian influence operations are pushing a conservative meme related to the investigation of Russian election interference, researchers say. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh, File)
Nunes said the Justice Department will not recommend the disclosure of sensitive U.S. sources and methods, which are believed to be contained in the minority memo.

His statement comes after the White House announced it blocked the Democratic memo, citing ‘significant concerns’ for national security.

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