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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Zimbabwean Diaspora Voices - "Chamisa is our Obama reincarnate"

The Zimbabwe Diaspora community has unequivocally taken a deep introspection into the political dynamics unfolding in Zimbabwe especially the jostling for power and the fierce factionalism both in MDC and in Zanu pf. 

While we acknowledge the uneasiness thus brought  by this we had no option but to weigh the different political players to evaluate who has the stamina to take the country forward if accorded the opportunity.

 We started by lookong at Mnangagwa and realised that in as much as he may have business wizardry chances of him winning a free and fair election is next to impossible as he has a very tainted political image following the Matebeleland massacres. The only way for him will be to worm himself onto the big seat using an electoral coup with the support of the army. He also has failed dismally to deliver anything in his projected 90 days of economic recovery.

 Secondly his nemesis the G40 cabal are just emotional and biased maggots seeking a hit back at Mnangagwa. They are still team of the Zanu pf that dragged the country to its knees and can't be trusted to usher in anything new except maybe to frustrate the coup masters.

 Thirdly in the opposition camp fate seems jealous as the only man who has been consistent in the democratic struggle seem incapacitated to take the levers of power. He is a man Zimbabwe had trusted to wrestle power from Zanu in the last 2 decades albeit being victimised and bullied by the regime. Unfortunately his demise has created vultures who have unashamedly positioned themselves to take over the reigns of power. 

In this equation are three camps; the Khupe cabal, the Mudzuri and the Chamisa camps. Closely interogating this trio it emerged to us that Khupe has been angling for the MDC presidency for a long time now and is reported to have fronted parallel structures both in Zimbabwe and in South Africa. 

She also has been reported to have boldly declared that she is in politics for money during a visit overseas. She also has recently attended an unsanctioned alliance meeting with the G40 cabal in cape town against a backdrop of being a fierce critic of a coalition within her party. Can she then be trusted with presidency both of the MDC and the nation against this background!!??

 Secondly Mudzuri has for a long time assumed an elderly and respectful role within the movement. Little did anyone know what was down his sleeves!! Just at the height of Tsvangirai's illness he started positioning himself as the chosen heir to the throne by bulldozing to take charge even in forums assigned to other leaders. During alliance rallies where Chamisa was made the acting leader Mudzuri still wanted to be recognised as the supreme. Hell broke loose when he connived with the Khupe cabal that included Mwonzora and Khupe herself to attend an illicit meeting in cape town. Unknown to Mudzuri, by crossing the border he had relinquished his acting presidency as one can't act while outside the country. This gave leverage to Chamisa to assume the full reigns of power within the opposition outfit doubling as acting party president and alliance chair. 

In no time despite being labelled as power hungrry and plotting against the other vp's, solidarity nessages of his ascendancy to the high post flowed from all over the world especially from mdc structures and wings. It became evident that the young leader had attracted the support of the masses and in the case of any eventuality in Tsvangirai's state of health an heir had been endorsed already if not by him but by the MDC structures and the nation at large.

 What then makes Chamisa tick?? He is young, charismatic, Christian, lawyer and above all dubbed the Obama of Zimbabwe due to the way he moves crowds during rallies. This reminded me that during the unity government he was recorded as one of the most hard working Mp's and even Mugabe agreed the nation needed such rare talent and bemoaned why Chamisa belonged to the oppisition.

 Voila here we are. ZIMBABWE MAKE YOUR CHOICE. HERE GIVEN IS THE FULL MENU OF THE CURRENT HOT POLITICAL CONTENDERS. Zimbabwe for the people and the people for Zimbabwe. 2018 vote wisely...

Adv Tetwaz
Voice of the Diaspora

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