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Friday, March 02, 2018

California’s Santa Barbara County Braces For New Possible Mudslides, Evacuations Prompted

In this photo provided by the Santa Barbara County Fire Department, Santa Barbara County Firefighters haul dozens of pounds of hose and equipment down steep terrain below E. Camino Cielo to root out and extinguish smoldering hot spots in Santa Barbara, Calif., Tuesday, Dec. 19, 2017. (Photo/MIKE ELIASON/AP)
More bad news for southern California as communities recently devastated by wildfires in December face renewed threats of mudslides.
In a press conference Wednesday, Santa Barbara authorities warned residents about the approaching storms and possible mudslides. This is a result of there being little to no brush in the area left to stop the rushing water.
Officials are taking serious precautions after a series of mudslides killed 21 people back in January, while also destroying at least 100 homes.
“We notified people who are in the areas of Thomas, Sherpa or Whittier burn areas that it is very important for you to be aware of the situation and what is asked of you and that you follow instructions if an evacuation decision is made,” urged Santa Barbara Sheriff Bill Brown. “Our intention is to make sure that you are prepared and that you have a plan, and that you are safe.”
The warning, which stands just one level below mandatory, affects more than 30,000 people.
While the threat is serious, authorities are hopeful this round of storms won’t greatly impact the region.

This aerial photo provided by the Santa Barbara County Fire Department shows mudflow and damage to homes in Montecito, Calif., Wednesday, Jan. 10, 2018. (Matt Udkow/Santa Barbara County Fire Department via AP)
“This will be a minor league storm not a major league storm like we saw back on January 9, but we have to be careful because minor leaguers can also hit it out of the park sometimes,” said Eric Bolt of the National Weather Service.
Residents the city of Santa Barbara have been urged to evacuate ahead of the storm, while people in high-risk areas were urged to leave as early as Wednesday morning.
The county is expected to get close to an inch of rain per-hour starting Thursday, and the storm is expected to continue throughout the day into Friday morning.

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