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Tuesday, March 06, 2018

DCCC Posts Opposition Research On Democrat Candidate In Texas Race

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is coming under fire from its own party member after attacking a fellow Democrat congressional candidate in Texas.
The infighting comes as Texas holds the first primaries in the nation on Tuesday, with a crowded field of seven candidates.
The winner will try to unseat Republican Representative John Culberson this fall, who’s been endorsed by Senator Ted Cruz and Representative Trey Gowdy.
“When I’m having difficulty with the Department of Justice, I just tell them my next phone call is going to be to John Culberson,” said Gowdy. “He’s the subcommittee chair here that controls the money that flows to the Department of Justice.”
However, the real competition seems to be in the Democrat party itself.
On February 22, the DCCC published opposition research on a progressive candidate in Texas’ competitive 7th Congressional District.
The attack categorized Moser as a Washington insider, and cited an article in which she said she’d rather have her teeth pulled without anesthesia than live in Texas.
Moser’s campaign started gaining traction when she spent $450,000 on an ad during the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl on the NBC affiliate in Houston.
Candidate Laura Moser. (Photo/Laura Moser For Congress)
“If I could only say one goal it would be making the world and the country a better place for all of you. That means curbing climate change and giving more people healthcare and investing in our city so our houses don’t get washed away every year.” — Laura Moser
The infighting pours salt on a wound still open from the 2016 election when supporters of Bernie Sanders accused the DNC of favoring Hillary Clinton, and now progressives are pushing back against the DCCC as they once again see the party tipping the scales in favor of moderate candidates over far-left activists.
DNC Chairman Tom Perez has said in the past the national party will remain neutral in primaries, but said he couldn’t support the actions of the DCCC.
The fighting may not be over just yet, because if none of the four leading candidates receives 50-percent of the vote then the top two finishers will advance to a run-off.
The Democrat party faces an identity crisis, while forced to decide between far-left progressives and moderates as evidenced by its decision not to back long-time Senator Dianne Feinstein. She will be facing off against her more liberal challenger state Senator Kevin de Leon.
For Democrats, all eyes will be on Texas’ 7th District on March 6 as Moser and the other six candidates face off in the nation’s first primary race.

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