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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Saudi Arabia Shoots Down Missiles Sent From Houthi Rebel Forces In Yemen

One person is dead and two others are injured, following a series of missiles launched into Saudi Arabia by rebel forces in Yemen.
Saudi Air Defense shot down seven missiles that were launched by the Houthi rebels.
On Sunday, debris from the missiles fell onto a home in Riyadh, killing an Egyptian resident and injuring two others.
Residents reported hearing loud explosions and seeing the sky fill up with smoke. Several houses in the area of the missile impact were damaged.
This marks the third missile attack in five months for Saudi Arabia’s capital city, and the first fatality to occur in Riyadh resulting from the war in Yemen that began in 2015.
The recent attacks from Houthi rebels have increased in range over time, demonstrating their ability to reach Riyadh.
FILE – In this Jan. 3, 2017 file photo, tribesmen loyal to Houthi rebels chant slogans during a gathering aimed at mobilizing more fighters into battlefronts to fight pro-government forces, in Sanaa, Yemen. (AP Photo/Hani Mohammed, File)
The missile launches have also escalated the rivalry between Saudi Arabia and Iran, with the Saudi’s alleging Iran is providing the rockets to the Houthi’s.
Saudi Arabia described this supposed supplying of weapons as “direct military aggression” despite the Houthi rebels themselves denying Iran’s involvement in their attacks.
So far, the war with Yemen has caused more than 10,000 fatalities, and has displaced more than two million people.
The White House has previously spoken out against the attacks on Saudi Arabia, stating that Iran has “enabled’ these conflicts that continue to create tension in the Middle East.

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