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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Death Toll Rises To 57 After ISIS Suicide Attack On Voter Center In Kabul, Afghanistan

The death toll in a suicide attack in Afghanistan rises to 57, with at least 119 people injured. The incident occurred outside a voter registration center in Kabul on Sunday.
Among the dead are at least 25 men, 22 women, and eight children. Some bodies have not been identified.
“I saw around 30 wounded men and women escaping, I saw the wounded lying on each other, I saw one woman who died still tightly holding her child,” said one eye witness.
Many of the kids were in uniforms as they walked to school when the lone attacker detonated his explosives.
After the taliban denied responsibility, the Islamic State claimed the deadly incident.
From airstrikes and commando operations, ISIS territory has shrunk in Afghanistan, but the terrorist group continues to claim attacks in urban centers.
The area of the city is home to a Shia Muslim minority, which ISIS has targeted in the past.
This is the worst carnage in Kabul since more than 100 people died in an ambulance attack in January.
The attack highlights continued security concerns ahead of this years delayed parliamentary vote and next year’s presidential election.
Public interest in the October election was already low, because of fraudulent votes in the past as well as the threat of violence at polling stations from anti-government groups.
Blood-stained National ID papers and voters’ photos are seen on the ground outside a voter registration center, after a suicide attack in Kabul, Sunday, April 22, 2018. (AP Photo/ Rahmat Gul)
This marks the fourth attack on such centers since voter registration began last week. In addition, several staff members have been kidnapped.
According to reports, Afghanistan’s government fully controls just 30-percent of the country, with the Taliban and sometimes ISIS in charge of the rest.
Nearly 1,000 polling places are completely out of government control with over 2,000 others facing medium or high security risks.
There is international pressure for the vote to happen as scheduled, but some doubt the president will follow through.
This year, Afghanistan’s interior minister said terrorists target civilians to turn people against the government and create chaos.
The extremists plan to sow discord may already be at work as people chanted “death to the government” in addition to anti-terrorist slogans through Kabul’s bloody streets.

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