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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Mass Shootings May Be Linked To Psychotropic Drug Use

A family member waits for students who were bussed to First Baptist Church following a shooting at Forest High School, Friday 20, 2018 in Ocala, Fla. A possible link exists between psychotropic drug use and mass shootings. (Alan Youngblood/Star-Banner via AP)
Just about every mass shooting in the past 20 years has something in common and it’s not guns.
From Columbine to Sandy Hook, mass shootings have become a regular and terrifying reality of recent history. Anti-gun lobbyists try to capitalize on these shocking events by devoting hours of air-time and nation-wide demonstrations discussing the evil of guns. But in their haste to infringe on Second Amendment rights, activists consistently leave out the fact that almost every mass shooter has been under the influence of psychotropic drugs.
Zoloft, Lexapro and Prozac have all become household names, generating billions of dollars each year for the pharmaceutical companies that produce them. But why will no one talk about the effect they are they having on the nation’s psychology?
“Why does it always seem that the shooter in these type of mass killings has been on some sort of psychotropic drugs?” asks former Texas Congressman Ron Paul. “Why is it no one is questioning these medications? All of which come with labels warning of horrific side effects. Perhaps one reason they are ignored is that the pharmaceutical industry spends billions each year lobbying congress.”
Mania, suicidal thoughts and dangerous impulses are all common side effects of these medications. With one in six Americans taking these mind-altering drugs, the link between medication and the rise of abhorrent behavior in our nation has yet to be properly investigated.
An attorney who tried to gain access to medical information on Adam Lanza – the Sandy Hook shooter – has a valuable perspective on a potential cover up of facts on psychotropic drugs.
“The assistant attorney general in the Lanza case argued to the administrative law judge that it would be harmful to the public to allow the information about Lanza out because it might cause people to not take their psychiatric medication and that kind of argument is ridiculous,” said attorney Jonathan Emord.
While many have focused their concerns on guns, the nation may need to take a serious look into the dangers of the chemicals being prescribed in ever increasing numbers to our friends, neighbors and children.

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