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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Pres. Trump Speaks To Macron, May About Friday’s Strikes In Syria

President Trump speaks to the leaders of France and the U.K. following the military strikes in Syria.
A pair of White House readouts indicated President Trump spoke with French President Emmanuel Macron and Prime Minister Theresa May Saturday about Friday’s operations.
President Donald Trump speaks in the Diplomatic Reception Room of the White House on Friday, April 13, 2018, in Washington, about the United States’ military response to Syria’s chemical weapon attack on April 7. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)
The leaders reaffirmed the success of the military strikes and the joint effort to curb Syria’s alleged use of chemical weapons.
They also discussed what needs to happen next, including the importance of stabilizing Syria and ensure the defeat of ISIS
Addressing the nation Friday, the president stressed the importance of the joint effort.
“The combined American, British and French response to these atrocities will integrate all instruments of our national power: military, economic and diplomatic” -President Trump
The U.S., France and the United Kingdom have all said Friday’s military strikes in Syria were successful.
Speaking from the Summit of the Americas in Peru Saturday, Vice President Mike Pence also declared the strike a success and mentioned no civilian casualties have been reported by the Pentagon.
Pence said the strike was morally correct, because it was meant to prevent similar chemical attacks in the future.
“When the President made the decision to go, it was all in an effort to do everything in our power not just to destroy aspects of the chemical weapons programme but also to send a message to Syria and to their patrons in Russia and Iran that there is a price to pay if they ever use chemical weapons again.” -Vice President Mike Pence
He went on to explain the administration hopes for a political solution to the Syrian conflict and said the U.S. as well as their allies are prepared in case further action is also needed.

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