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Friday, May 11, 2018

European Prisons Set To Release 200 Convicted Terrorists By 2020

While U.S.-led forces are fighting to capture Islamic terrorists, Europe is releasing them.
Over the next two years more than 200 convicted terrorists will be released from European prisons.
Most of these inmates made up the first wave of Jihadists who attempted to travel to Syria and Iraq to join the caliphate when ISIS first came to power.
Their releases are a result of Europe’s weak justice system as the maximum prison sentence for convicted terrorists is only six years.
The men’s building at the Fleury-Merogis Prison, near Paris. (Photo/Reuters/Charles Platiau)
Now, E.U. lawmakers are panicking over the possible repercussions and threat to national security
Many believe de-radicalization programs are needed in order to prevent future terror attacks.
“After several years in prison, a highly radicalized and radicalizing environment, goes back to the society as a free citizen, that person is extremely vulnerable, vulnerable to fall back into the same dynamic,” stated Thomas Renard, Research Fellow – Egmont Royal Institute
There are an estimated 12,000 Europeans left to fight with ISIS and al-Qaeda, and about a third of those are now believed to be back in Europe.

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