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Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Mike Pompeo Gives First Press Conference As Secretary Of State With Mexico’s Foreign Minister

“Mexico is our second largest export market, third largest trading partner. The importance of modernizing NAFTA cannot be overstated and we will continue to work towards an agreement with Mexico and with Canada.” — Secretary of State Mike Pompeo
In his first presser since since taking over at the State Department, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo emphasized the need to modernize NAFTA as well as security concerns and drug trafficking.
Pompeo and Mexico’s foreign minister discussed the issues as top trade negotiators are in Washington for what is supposed to be the last round of NAFTA talks.
Mexican Foreign Secretary Luis Videgaray, left, stands as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo delivers remarks at the State Department, Monday, May 7, 2018 in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)
While much of the discussion focused on illegal activity at the border, Pompeo emphasized how the 2,000-mile stretch of land supports economies both north and south.
“Every day more than $1.7 billion trade crosses that border back and forth, supporting thousands of jobs on both sides of that border,” stated Pompeo. “We seek to improve efficiency at our ports of entry to support the legitimate flow of commerce between our two countries.”
The secretary of state did not get into specifics of the trade agreement as the U.S. continues to push a hard line stance.
Lower-level negotiators have been hammering out the details of less controversial sections in hopes a deal can be reached between cabinet-level officials on contentious issues this week.
Some worry the U.S. will continue its tough negotiation tactics, and fail to be flexible — potentially putting free trade in peril.
The deal is very important to all leaders as the next few days could dictate the neighboring countries’ relationship for decades in the future.
“We find ourselves at a crucial moment in the renegotiation of NAFTA, a renegotiation that Mexico faces in good faith, with constructive spirit, convinced that North America can be the most competitive region in the world,” said Mexico’s Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray. “And, with a belief that we have huge, concrete opportunities for prosperity and well-paid jobs for all of our inhabitants.”
Due to upcoming elections, it’s unlikely a NAFTA deal will be struck at all this year if a compromise is not reached in the coming days over key contentious issues.

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