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Saturday, May 05, 2018

Pentagon Requests Investigation Into Lasers Harming U.S. Pilots In Africa

Trade wars, currency manipulation, and confrontation on the high seas between the United States and China are leading to global clashes between the two powers.
The latest provocation comes in the form of military grade lasers the Pentagon is accusing China of using to injure two U.S. airmen in Djibouti near the Horn of Africa.
“So they are very serious incidents — this activity poses a true threat to our airmen, ” said Dana White, chief Pentagon spokesperson. “We have formally demarched the Chinese government.”
Over the course of eight months several instances of lasers being pointed at airmen — presumably to cause harm to pilots or cause pilots to lose control of their aircraft — have been reported in the area.
In 2014, a Chinese fighter jet reportedly conducted barrel roles over an American P-8 Poseidon aircraft., causing a formal complaint by the U.S.
U.S. 173 airborne brigade soldiers leave a C-130 aircraft during the “Steadfast Javelin II” military exercise in the Lielvarde air base, September 6, 2014. (REUTERS/Photo/Ints Kalnins)
Several other reports of lasers being pointed at pilots have also been reported in the South China Sea. Pilots in the Pacific now wear special visors and eye protection to combat the threat.
Two airmen flying a C-130 cargo plane are recovering from minor injuries after a military grade laser damaged their eyes during landing.
Reports suggest that the source of the laser was from the Chinese base in the area, and was just one of four instances the U.S. is formally complaining about. As for China, they deny the incidents ever occurred.
The Horn of Africa is of extreme strategic importance to the U.S., which has 4000 service members stationed on the shores of the Red Sea in Djibouti.
It’s also one of the reasons China decided to build a military base just 8 miles from the American installation.
This sort of expansion is similar to Chinese activity in the South China Sea, where China has built a number of military installations on distant atolls that pose a challenge to U.S. forces in the area.
“We’ve been very vocal about our concerns about them militarizing and these artificial islands,” said White. “China has to realize that they’ve benefited from the free navigation of the sea and the U.S. Navy has been the guarantor of that.”
As China continues its global expansion both economically and militarily, further provocations and incidents of harassment between the two super powers may continue — especially with forces from the two nations operating in such close proximity.

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