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Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Dems, Moderate Republicans Pushing Discharge Petition To Shield ‘Dreamers’

House lawmakers are only five votes away from passing a discharge petition on immigration. The House petition is supported by 190 Democrats and 23 moderate Republicans.
The measure could allow up to two million illegal child arrivals remain in the U.S. without advancing the broader immigration reform.

Critics say the discharge petition could hand the floor agenda over to the Democrat minority.
In the meantime, supporters of the measure say the next step would be passing the immigration bill proposed by Congressman Bob Goodlatte.
“This is this Discharge Petition that is saying, hey we’re gonna bring multiple bills to the floor on immigration and have that vote,” said Republican Representative Will Hurd. “We’re engaged in conversations to figure out if there’s another path, I don’t believe there is, and the time has come, it’s 2018, we don’t have operational control of our border.”
GOP leaders, including House Speaker Paul Ryan and members of the Freedom Caucus, are saying any bill allowing a pathway to citizenship for illegal child arrivals has no chance at passing congress.

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