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Thursday, July 19, 2018

New Senate Bill Targets Russian Gas Pipeline Into Germany

A new Senate bill is targeting the Russian natural gas pipeline into Germany, following criticism from President Trump.
GOP senators proposed to slap sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline over the project’s ties to blacklisted Russian officials.
Senators are saying the bill would boost energy security of European allies.
A construction worker speaks on a mobile phone in Portovaya Bay some 170 kms (106 miles) northwest from St. Petersburg, Russia, during a ceremony marking the start of Nord Stream pipeline construction. (AP/Photo)
This comes after President Trump blasted Germany’s dependence on Russian gas.
The president also said Germany has failed to commit two-percent of its GDP to the NATO defense budget.
“You asked about the pipeline — to me, it is a tragedy,” stated President Trump. “I think it’s a horrific thing that’s being done, where you’re feeding billions and billions of dollars from Germany primarily, and other countries, but primarily from Germany into the coffers of Russia — when we’re trying to do something so that we have peace in the world.”
The new Senate bill is also expected to support U.S. exports of liquefied natural gas into Europe.

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