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Friday, March 15, 2019

Gov. Matt Bevin: Ky. Will Always Fight For Life

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin said “bring it” in response to a lawsuit from the ACLU. Bevin said his state will always fight for life as he prepares to sign into law a ban on abortions that discriminate against unborn children based on their race, gender or disability. Any doctor found to be in violation could be charged with a felony offense and have their medical license revoked.
FILE – In this Feb 28, 2019, file photo, Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin speaks in the Capitol building in Frankfort, Ky. Kentucky’s Republican-led legislature on Wednesday, March 13, passed its latest measure to put more restrictions on abortion, setting up another legal fight with abortion-rights defenders. (AP Photo/Bryan Woolston, File)
State Representative Melinda Gibbons Prunty, who voted in favor of the bill, called it a common sense measure to protect the intrinsic value of all human life. She added, if the ACLU was really about fighting discrimination, then they should have no problem with such protections becoming law.
Prunty then reminded the organization about the history of abortion in America and its deep roots in the eugenics movement, which is a
fact many pro-life activists have been working for years to expose.
“Planned Parenthood has targeted the black community since its founding by racist Margaret Sanger, their founder in the 1930s, and black neighborhoods are disproportionately targeted by abortion clinics, they are set up there,” explained Lila Rose, president of a national pro-life and human rights organization called Live Action. “A black woman is 3 to 5 times more likely to have an abortion in our country than a white woman.”
The ACLU announced over Twitter Wednesday that it is filing the lawsuit on behalf of the state’s only abortion provider. They argue the decision to have an abortion, for any reason, should be left between a woman and her health care provider.

The lawsuit may also seek to place a hold on the law, preventing it from going into affect while the debate is argued in court. A similar case is now making its way up to the Supreme Court, and could influence the outcome of this lawsuit.

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