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Tuesday, April 09, 2019

American Tourist Rescued After Being Abducted While Traveling In Uganda

The American tourist who was abducted in Uganda last week is now safe. According to the Uganda Police Force, 35-year-old Kimberly Sue Endicott was kidnapped with her tour guide on Tuesday, while traveling through the famed Queen Elizabeth National Park.
The two were allegedly kidnapped by an armed gang in an area which was once occupied by an anti-Kampala rebel group.
Image released by Wild Frontiers tour company on Monday April 8, 2019, shows American tourist Kim Endicott, right, and field guide Jean-Paul Mirenge a day after they were rescued following a kidnap by unknown gunmen in Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National Park. (Wild Frontiers via AP)
The kidnappers reportedly requested a $500,000 ransom. Although its unclear whether or not authorities met the captors demands, reports indicate a ransom was paid in exchange for the victims’ safe return.
“The victim who had been held captive together with her safari guide, Jean Paul Mirenge, were released because, first of all, of the implicit threat of the use of force after the armed captures knew they were being hotly pursued by the joint team of security agencies,” stated Fred Enanga, Uganda Police spokesman.
Endicott was being held with four others, who have not been identified. They were rescued Sunday by Ugandan security officials near the border with Democratic Republic of Congo.
It is currently unclear who is responsible for the attack, however, Uganda’s president promised to “deal with these isolated pockets of criminals.”
President Trump was quick to express his relief, saying god bless the victims and their families.

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